Individual relationship counseling for troubled relationships

When it comes to relationships, partners spend time together and support each other in times of need. But many people struggle in relationships, you can regain the relationship and your happiness through individual relationship counseling Croton NY.

In every relationship there will come a time when there are these subtle and not subtle waves of difficulties and problems. Her values ​​towards his, her words towards his, about doing something new in the relationship or sticking to the old traditions. Couples who fall out of love, infidelity, guilt, failed marriages, previous relationships all of these issues can be difficult to work through by yourself and your partner alone because you will not be able to see the problem when you are part of the drama. This is where individual counseling can help you regain your relationship and passion, whether the problem is with a spouse, partner or family member. If you are looking for a way to save your marriage but your partner is engaged elsewhere, you can always go to Croton NY Individual Marriage Counseling.

Individual counseling can also help you through a divorce, a dissolution and through the transaction period for parenthood. It helps you create a balance between your role as a partner or spouse and professional, between a parent and guardian of an aging parent. It helps you create a balance between everything in your life and help you find yourself, build your self-esteem, discover patterns and problems and build better relationships around you.

Individual counseling for problem relationships covers the following topics:

Your family and family history

Because it is important to build a rapport with each client, to better understand the root cause, most counseling sessions begin with the story of the relationship and the family.

Relationship pattern

This pattern can be complicated for you to discover because you are part of the drama, but a therapist will find it easy to discover with the years of experience they have. It can include inability to open up emotionally, lack of affection or not listening.

Negative individual factors

Factors may include personality traits, worldviews or past trauma that may have a negative impact on the relationship. These individual factors play a major role in the development or function of an intimate relationship.

Your strengths

The counselor will encourage you to talk about your strengths, such as your positive personality traits and the ability to overcome previous relationships. Talking about strengths that use it to improve your current relationship is what a counselor can do best.

Personal behaviors

Specific behaviors such as anger, fear, shame or other pains that may cause you to hold back from giving everything and may prevent you from having a better relationship. The counselor creates a safe space for you to talk about it.

Manage and create healthy boundaries

The counselor helps you identify the toxic properties of certain people or yours and helps you stay away from them. He / she also helps you through the management process in the relationship and helps you through it.

If the relationship is out of repair, the counselor will assist you through the approval process. And whether you decide to go through the relationship, what kind of relationship you want in the future or whether to forgive. Individual relationship counseling Croton NY helps you understand the problems and the root causes of the problems.

Sheri Rivera

Sheri Rivera



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