Business Relationships

Business Relationships – You will fail in a relationship, what will it be?

One of your relationships will fail and you will fail. Business relationships have some real challenges ahead, especially when it starts to work more like your current marriage. What will you do? Find out the problems and some answers right now.

Business relationships often lead to new business when this one becomes a marriage. So before you decide to miss your marriage with your current spouse, take a long look at the issues facing you.

Think of the relationship built around a business; you both lie to and deceive your current spouses. One or both may be lying to each other right now.

Do you agree that a strong relationship and even a marriage is based on trust, how well do you think you and your unfaithful partner will be able to build trust between each other?

Maybe you can overcome it. At least for a while. What happens when the excitement of someone new and the “danger” of the business disappears and you two are involved in an old marriage complete with bills to pay?

The relationship with your current husband probably also started hot and exciting, but see where it is now.

Business relationships and children.

How about children, all children involved? I’m sure none of you want to hurt your own or each other’s children in any way. Although they may overcome your part in the affair, they rarely warm up for the new partner, but instead tend to blame him or her for taking you away from the other parent.

I do not recommend staying in a bad marriage just because there are children, but I suggest taking them into account.

Even if there are no children, you still have to interrupt your marriage to continue with the new person or you have to stop the affair and decide to concentrate on and save your marriage.

Both relationships will not last, you know.

Think about it, do you still love your husband? Is your marriage worth saving? Are there any reasons to definitively end your marriage counseling? How about the spouse of the person you are cheating with, are you more compatible with his or her spouse than they are?

If you feel that your marriage is over, you need to deal with it and let your spouse know how you are feeling. Leave the business out of it for now, your spouse may be hurt enough just to know you want a divorce when he or she may not. No need to insult the injury.

Business relationships are often doomed to fail so do you really want to lose your marriage as well? Some solid conditions of advice and help are in order for you so that you do not lose everything you have.

Sheri Rivera

Sheri Rivera



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