Turkey casserole

Canned turkey is a wonderful way to add low-fat protein to a meal, but in practice I've found that it really only works in casseroles:

Pre-heat oven to 350.

Rinse/drain barley. Cook barley and rosemary 30-45 min in one cup water plus drainage from canned turkey. Nuke artichoke 7 min or so under plastic wrap with 1-2 Tbl water. Add wine to barley. Add 1/3 to 1/2 can tomato paste plus paprika to barley. Add turkey to barley, chopping loosely into smaller pieces. Oversalt slightly. Add peas and undrained corn. Add artichoke. Cook in covered casserole an hour.

There are lots of variations that can be used. Spinach instead of artichokes. Half-cooked rice (or uncooked pasta) instead of barley. Half'n'half instead of wine. Use different spices. Put cheese on top. Add some lemon juice. Experiment!

Vegetarians can substitute extra-firm tofu and veggie stock.

Copyright 2002 by Aahz

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