Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing

I've been making this stuffing for more than fifteen years. I used to use Pepperidge Farms cubed stuffing mix (with whole wheat and sourdough), but I can't find it anymore; the process of making the bread base is new. As usual with my recipes, proportions are approximate and changeable.

As specified, makes enough for about eight people with LOTS of leftovers.

Prep work

Dice bread (quarter-inch chunks) at least one day in advance, enough to mostly fill two 9x13x2 baking pans. Leave in oven to dry. You'll probably need to cycle the oven through its warm setting a few times. You want them completely dry before starting.

There's no reason you can't do the other chopping in advance. If you're conserving storage containers, you can mix: onion/garlic, herbs, carrots/zucchini.


Pre-heat oven to 350.

Heat oil and fry onions/garlic until onions caramelize slightly. Add mushrooms and fry until mushrooms completely limp. Add herbs and turn off heat (just fry them a little bit). Add carrots and zucchini, mixing well. Add walnuts, mixing well. Add celery, mixing well. (Celery is added last to cook it least -- crunchy!)

Add half the bread and mix thoroughly but carefully (don't crush the bread cubes). Add can of chicken soup and mix. Add 2-4 cans water (depending on how wet you want your stuffing -- the drier it is, the better it absorbs gravy!). Add remaining bread and mix. Fills one large casserole plus one 5x5x8 loaf pan for leftovers. Cook about an hour covered. Optional: remove cover last fifteen minutes for drying out.

Copyright 2004 by Aahz

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