Lemon-barley soup

On a cold winter day, this was vaguely inspired by avgolemono; however, because this was intended to make leftovers, it does NOT include any egg. In addition, I've only made this soup once at time of writing this recipe (at the request of someone else), so amounts are even more approximate than usual.

I'm listing the basic proportions, which is dinner for two people, you probably want to double or triple to make a reasonable amount of leftovers.

Nuke artichoke hearts in covered container with one tbl water for five minutes (eight minutes for two packages). Saute garlic in oil, deglaze with wine and water; add pepper, mint, and tarragon while bringing back to boil. Add barley, chicken, artichokes, and lemon juice. Simmer low until barley cooked (about an hour). Salt to taste. Add peas and simmer another ten minutes.

Vegetarians use tofu and veggie stock; you probably want to add more lemon for flavor.

Copyright 2008 by Aahz

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