The Art of Glop

What is glop? Glop is a one-pot meal, basically like making a casserole without baking it. The Art of Glop is that you don't use a recipe: you look around your kitchen to see what ingredient appeals to you, then you find other ingredients that will go together in the pot. What I've done here is list a few of my "standard" glop recipes, but they change every time, mostly because I use different flavorings and different vegetables. If you're not willing to experiment, you shouldn't be making glop.

Pasta glop

To the extent that I have a default glop, this is it. Of course, the precise ingredients are variable, and I don't know if I've ever actually made this variation:

Boil pasta. Two minutes before pasta done, add veggies. When water boils, dump in colander. Melt butter. Brown garlic. Add flour. Add liquid and salsa. Add cheddar. When cheese sauce ready, dump in pasta/veggies.

Chili glop

Nuke hamburger on defrost five minutes [*]. Boil pasta. Two minutes before done, add froz veggies/beans. Drain in colander. Brown hamburger in olive oil, add garlic. When garlic cooked, add wine, spices, and kidney beans. Cook about half hour uncovered. When water boiled off, stir in pasta/veggies and cheese.

[*] We buy fresh hamburger (usually 7% or 15% fat), and my primary splits it into sandwich baggies (which are then stored in gallon Ziploc bags and frozen) as an inducement for me to cook more often.

[*] Trader Joe's

Spanish glop

Brown hamburger. Add rice. Add tomatoes. Add extra liquid if necessary. Simmer until rice cooked. Nuke artichokes. When rice cooked, add artichokes and peas; cook for five minutes.

Iron Chef glop

I made this casserole in honor of the final episode of Iron Chef:

Fry the mushrooms in whatever amount of butter makes you happy. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir to mix well. Dump in casserole dish and cook at 350F for 1.5 hours covered, followed by up to half an hour uncovered if there's too much liquid.

For those of you who made it this far, I'm breaking my usual policy on linking to images by pointing to Tom the Dancing Bug, "Iron Chef vs. Bob".

Copyright 2002 by Aahz

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