Aahz's Fried Bread Pudding

This recipe is basically a cross between french toast and bread pudding.

Get some stale bread, possibly by picking up day-old bread cheap from a bakery. If you don't have stale bread, let it sit out on the counter for a day. Plain white bread is probably a bad idea; pretty much anything more robust will do; I'm particularly fond of sourdough and dutch crunch, but sesame challah is the Real Thing. Use a quantity equivalent to about one sandwich-sized roll per person.

Per person, scramble together two eggs and half a cup of milk (actually, I use half'n'half). (Use closer to one cup per person for a more custardy texture.) Add a dash of salt, plus cinnamon and vanilla to taste. Crumble the bread into chunks (about an inch or two cubed) and soak in the egg mixture. Heat a pan medium-low, toss in some butter, and add the bread mixture, compacted together. Put a lid on the pan and wait about fifteen or twenty minutes. Turn the heat to medium and flip to brown on other side. (If you've made it more custardy, you'll probably have to cut it into pieces to flip.) Serve hot, with maple syrup if desired.

Copyright 2001 by Aahz
Updated 1/2004

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