Biscuit with Blueberry Sauce

The recipe specifies frozen organic blueberries, because that's what I use, but of course you can use fresh berries. If I have fresh ones, though, I'd rather make Berries'n'Cream -- frying fresh berries seems like a crime. Raspberries and blackberries are probably too delicate for frying, too.

Per person:

Follow the Bisquik package directions for a strawberry shortcake biscuit (using Bisquik, sugar, and liquid dairy), or add a little more liquid and fry like a pancake. Make sure to get crispy.

While biscuit is cooling, fry on high heat berries, butter, and vanilla until most liquid evaporates. Let cool until warm.

Put in bowl biscuit, ice cream, and berry sauce. Bon appetit!

Copyright 2007 by Aahz

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