SF 4/2012

My LDR visited April 2012, and we stayed in San Francisco itself for once to play tourist. I took a bunch of pictures at the Legion of Honor museum and from our hotel window. This is probably the last series of shots from my A710; I now have a Nikon P7100. Although I'm reasonably happy with the results, these pictures show why I got a newer camera: the A710 has poor low-light performance. (The photos I tossed show that even more emphatically.)
These give a sense of the scale of the museum. The first picture is in front of the museum itself, the other three are all from the bottom of the stairs leading to the museum:

legion_front1.jpg (2.6MB)

legion_front2.jpg (2.5MB)

legion_front3.jpg (2.4MB)

legion_front4.jpg (2.3MB)

These pictures show some of the area around the Legion:

legion_bridge.jpg (2012-04-20, 2.8MB)

This is why people move to California (4.0MB)

Taken from the arch, pointed the other way
My LDR likes the hands-on-hips pose ;-) (3.1MB)

Legion exhibits (the special exhibit of Victorian art didn't allow photos, of course)

legion_1.jpg (3.2MB)

I love the details on this cabinet
It's actually curved, it's not all barrel distortion

Overexposed two full stops
to bring out the shadows and
create the floating effect
instead of showing wall details

A favor for my LDR, who wanted a copy (3.0MB)

These pictures were taken from our hotel room. I like the different lighting on the building here, espcially the brilliant blue sky of the morning picture (photos were actually taken over two days, but I've arranged them as if it were a single day -- unfortunately, the dusk picture came out crappy):

dawn (2.8MB)

morning (2.5MB)

fog (2.1MB)

afternoon (2.4MB)
This isn't actually a very good picture, but I found the corner contrast striking and tried to capture it:

corner.jpg (2012-04-21, 2.2MB)