Aahz's First Digital Photo

Of course, this wasn't literally my first digital photo, ever (because I'd used other people's cameras), but it certainly was my first shot with my first digital camera of my own, a Canon A710 IS.

I bought the camera one Saturday morning, then went over to my parents' house for lunch. On the way out, they asked for a picture from their garden, so I unpacked the camera and took this shot:

(click on the thumbnail to get the 1.8MB full-size image)

I didn't read the manual, didn't change any settings, didn't even peel the plastic off the LCD. Just point and shoot. Note particularly that the camera was still on its default medium compression instead of the best-quality low compression. Nevertheless, this picture blows up quite nicely even to 12"x18".

I'd heard over and over that digital cameras aren't good enough to take the place of film -- maybe that's true on some levels, but they're certainly good enough for a serious amateur. I'm quite happy with the level of detail (look at the faint lines in the white areas of the flowers), and the colors are gorgeous.

Last update: 5/2007
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