"...one of the worst ways to [display affection to me] is to present me with the severed genitalia of decorative plants." --Darkhawk

Welcome to Flower Porn

If you're looking for extreme macro photography of plant genitalia, you're in the right place. Instead of whacking their heads off, where they quickly wither and die, we preserve the intimate details of plant reproductive organs in digital form for posterity. If you're looking for human pornography, go somewhere else.

Flower porn started when I went back to my parents' house for another visit to their garden (see my first picture) and I got a lovely shot that reminded me of some regular porn (this is now my standard wallpaper image):

(click thumbnail for 2.1MB full-size image)

It's not a perfect shot, but I absolutely love the colors.

You can find lots more pics in the Flower Porn Gallery

Last update: 8/2008
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