Aahz's Canon A710 IS

Why did I pick the A710? I stopped doing film photography in the 1980s because it was "too expensive" -- it wasn't that I couldn't afford it, but it just bothered me too much to keep paying and paying for film, development, and printing. Stef does a lot of picture-taking for the local humane society, and we've talked occasionally about how it would be fun for us to go on photo expotitions together. But I knew that sharing a camera would be Not Fun, so I wanted my own camera, and in April 2007, I finally made that happen.

I wanted a digital camera that would not make me feel that I was sacrificing photo quality, but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for it. I also decided that my other critical qualities were the compact form factor (rather than subcompact because it's easier to hold -- and you usually get more features for your money) and an optical viewfinder. The viewfinder was actually one of the trickier features to find among cheap, high-rated cameras.

I initially focused on the Canon A630 (about $50 cheaper than the A710 and more battery life), but was swayed by the A710's slightly smaller size, bigger zoom, and optical image stabilization. The only feature I really wish I had from the A630 is the swing-out LCD. For a good review, see http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canona710is/

The A710 takes great pictures literally right out of the box, for more details, see my first picture.

NOTE: Never, never bother with digital image stabilization. It sucks.

NOTE: Never, never bother with digital zoom. Turn off your camera's digital zoom and rely only on the optical zoom. Crop it at home with software if you need to.


Cons (roughly in descending order):

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