The Goddess taketh...

...the Goddess giveth back...

...the Goddess taketh again.

Right now, I just don't feel like blessing the Goddess. I'm not stupid enough to curse the Goddess, mind, but I'm not very happy right now.

Isis Memorial Page

??? - Jun 30, 2003
(Taken in 3/31/2003)


After our cat Selkie died, Stef was very unhappy to be living in a house without a cat. But we decided to wait a while before getting another cat, mainly because after a decade with a cat, I wanted some time not having to take care of a cat.

Two days after I got back from D.C., though, I noticed that the stray cat that had been hanging around the neighborhood for the past month or so had crossed the boundary to "too thin". So we brought it in. We kept it for a couple of days, then took it to the animal shelter where Stef volunteers to see if an owner could be found.

The shelter didn't treat her as well as we would have liked (they stuck her in the feral cat room because she took a dislike to the vet). Once the hold period was up, we took her home and named her Isis. Because the shelter vet didn't examine her, we took her to our regular vet, where we found out she had hyperthyroidism and a bladder infection. We had to take care of the infection first -- she absolutely hated the antibiotic.

Then we took her to get radioactive iodine for her thyroid. While she was at the oncology clinic (they keep the cat for a week because of the radiation), she started coughing, so they gave her an X-ray. Turns out she had two tumors in her lungs, one next to the heart. Plus the infection hadn't been completely cleared up.

We decided to stop treating her (this is now the beginning of June). Isis was a sweet cat who mostly wanted to just lie around, on the bed, on the floor, on our laps, or -- most of all -- on our chests, bellies, or legs while we were laying on the bed. (No offense to Selkie, who was a beautiful cat, but Isis was one of the most gorgeous cats I've ever seen, with a weird spot/stripe tabby mix that really needs a photo to explain.) She deserved to retain her dignity until her physical infirmities got too much.

In the last week of June, she stopped eating. We took that as a sign that she was getting ready. We made an appointment to take her back to the shelter to put her to sleep. She didn't get any better, so we kept the appointment.

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Written 30 Jun 2003