Food Allergy Database

I've got a lot of people in my life with food issues of various sorts. It's difficult keeping track of all of them; it's even more difficult when I want to make a meal for or go to a restaurant with several of them. I originally started keeping a database for just food allergies and strong dislikes, but then expanded it to all food preferences and issues. I'm posting the key and my own preferences preferences/issues in case it's useful to others.

Note: I'm using "allergy" here as a short-hand for a physical reaction to food, which is technically wrong but colloquially correct.

!       Mild reaction (e.g. upset stomach)
!!      Severe reaction
!!!     Anaphylactic shock
?       Ask me how I feel about it today
-       Avoid, pick out
--      Eww, yuck
---     Contaminant in tiny quantities, nothing on plate can be eaten
+       Likes
++      Likes a lot
+++     Will eat nothing but this for a full day

!       MSG
!       some fatty foods (sour cream, manchego, prime rib, tempura)
---     coffee
---     eggplant
---     beer
---     pickles, sweet
--      onion
---     fried onion
+       small amount of well-cooked, minced onion buried in e.g.  pasta sauce
-       green onion, leeks, scallions
+       chives
--      chocolate with fruit
--      bell peppers
--      icky yellow mustard
?       good mustard
++      meat & veggies
++      apples, pears, pineapple
++      berry: black/blue/boysen/straw/rasp (NOT cranberry/cherry)
++      lemon, lime
+       orange, grapefruit
+       melons, apricots, dates
+       banana chips, banana bread
--      other banana
?       other fruit (most will be -- or ---)

The first chunk of whitespace is each line is a representation of a TAB character, which I use in case I ever want to do programmatic processing of the database.

Originally written 2016-08-03
Copyright 2016 by Aahz
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