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This is an ultra lynx-enhanced home page, with no graphics. I don't even have the lynx logo. This site has been created completely in vi, text editor of champions (see also Yahoo's vi page).

Please visit my square/contra caller page!

Python Note: Please use aahz@pythoncraft.com (or see http://www.pythoncraft.com/) for questions about Python (or other work-related issues); this is my personal/social page. You could also pick up a copy of Python for Dummies (I'm one of the authors).

Vote Smart

If you are a US citizen, make sure to visit Project Vote Smart, especially if you have not voted in recent years. Project Vote Smart represents the best hope of removing the special-interest stranglehold on American politics.

If you miss my old home page (7/96 through 2/99, RIP), I've kept it around for amusement purposes. I'm finally putting up a "real" home page because I want to provide links to some of my writing, most notably

I've also gotten involved with the Python programming language (http://www.python.org/). Python is a wonderful, easy to read, powerful interpreted language with a strong object orientation and a large library; I've put up some of my own Python info at http://www.pythoncraft.com/. Python is similar to Perl, but much easier to learn and use.

But if you really want to find out about me, check my netnews posts.

You can look at my photos.

I've put up a links and resources page with a fair bit of commentary (but of course I never have time to put in enough links). I only link to sites that are lynx-accessible.

Note: I've been using "Aahz Maruch" socially since my Outlaw Wedding to Stef in February, 1998, but my legal name is still just "Aahz". If you're wondering whether I'm the same person as "aahz@netcom.com.": yes, I am. I was on Netcom for almost exactly a decade, until Earthfink killed it. Now I'm aahz@pobox.com (or aahz@pythoncraft.com for programming work or caller@aahz.ws for square/contra calling).

Last update: 10/2014

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